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Slow Feeder - Ocean Blue

Slow Feeder - Ocean Blue

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The Ocean Blue Slow Feeder is designed to give your pup a more enjoyable dining experience. Its honeycomb pattern and two unique slow-feed partitions allow for a range of delicious food combinations and promote healthy eating. Plus, its whale-shaped ridge prevents choking and spilling. Feed your pup in style with the Ocean Blue Slow Feeder.

How to use: Simply spread your dog's or cat's favourite treats, peanut butter, wet food, or other pet-friendly spreads. That's it! Give it to your pet and they will love it!


1. Mental stimulation: They engage your pet's brain by presenting a challenge and requiring problem-solving skills to find the treats hidden within the mat.

2. Anxiety and stress relief: The process of licking and sniffing can be calming for pets, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

3. Slow feeding: Enrichment mats can be used to slow down fast eaters, preventing digestive issues and encouraging healthier eating habits.

4. Entertainment: They provide a fun and interactive activity for pets, especially when you need to keep them occupied for a while.

5. Dental health: The licking action can help clean your pet's tongue and teeth, promoting better oral hygiene.

Size: 19cm width x 4cm height

Dishwasher and Freezer Safe

Made from BPA-FREE Food graded silicone.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles M.

Delta loves her slow feeder. The suction cup keeps it still whilst not being insanely hard to then pick back up. The flexible nature of the bowl makes cleaning really easily. She loves licking yoghurt and other goodies out of it! It REALLY slows her down too! Takes her at least 5x as long when she eats from this bowl. 10/10 would recommend and would buy again!