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Hand Picked, Human Graded

No matter if it is vegetables or meat, all our treats are well inspected and cleaned thoroughly to ensure it is safe and good to for our pets to consume.

Made in House

We don't stocks our treats from other wholesaler. We want to know exactly what is inside all our treats, therefore, making our own became the only option which also eliminated nasty ingredients.

Single Ingredient

It is so important to know exactly what is given to your pet, keeping those guts safe and healthy. At Treat Treat, we manufacture everything in house and meats/vegetables are literally inspected, cleaned and straight into dehydration.

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About Us

Hi, Welcome to Treat Treat. We are Roy and Grace. The CEO and founder of Treat Treat. We have two boys, Ranger the GSD and Bestley the Pomeranian. It all started with a passion and inspiration of our dogs. We always want them to have high quality life, especially when it comes to foods. 
Treat Treat, a pet treat shop launched in February 2023, is a family-owned business. Our inspiration came from the challenge of finding high-quality, single-ingredient treats for our own dogs. This led us to create our homemade dog treats in our small kitchen. Upon sharing our products with friends and family, who expressed immense satisfaction, we were motivated to establish an online presence for our pet treats business, entering the market under the Treat Treat name.

Since our inception, we have garnered a dedicated customer base, with several returning clients and established stockists. All our treats are crafted with a commitment to using only natural and single ingredients. Our passion for dogs, exemplified by our own beloved companions who are integral to our lives, drives us to provide the best for them and for all dogs. We understand the significance of canine companionship and strive to offer treats that prioritize the well-being of every dog, including yours.