1. What is "Dehydrated"?

Dehydrated treats is a process which remove moisture from meat/vegetables using warm air, preserving nutrients for a healthy and delicious option. 

2. Are you products homemade in Australia?

Yes, Every single bag of our treats are homemade with our very own two hands. We want the best for our pups and so do we want yours. We sourced our products locally.

3. How are your treats made?

We hand picked all our products to ensure they are the best to use. Every pieces are thoroughly checked, cleaned, removed unwanted bit.

4. Where are you based?

We are based in Perth, Western Australia. 

5. What are your shipping method?

We only ship in Australia at the moment, as more research requires to be ship internationally. 

6. What is a good treat for training?

We recommend treats that can be easily break apart and required less chewing for training.

For example, livers treats, kangaroo jerky, beef jerky, chicken fillets, fish fillets and etc. 

7. I have a puppy, what treats are good for them?

As puppies, we recommend soft chew or training treats as they are easily to digest. 

We don't recommend hard chew if they have not yet change their teeth.

If they have fully change their teeth, they are allow to have hard treats but take it slow. We recommend 1 hard chew treat a week to begin with. 

8. Can we leave our dog unattended when they are having treat?

We do not recommend leaving your dog alone while they are having their treat as some treats can cause choking hazards. Therefore, always supervised your dog while they are having treats.

9. What is the shelf life for your products?

As a dog owner, we do not like leaving our treats sitting on shelf for too long. Just like human, you would not like to have food that is too old. So we only stock our treats with a shelf life of 12 months. 

10. Is your packaging eco friendly?

Absolutely. We only like to use eco-friendly packaging. If you have one of our paper pouch, you can simply put them into your recycle bin. If you have our plastic pouch, they can be recycled through REDcycle.