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All-in-One Sample Pack (PRE-ORDER)

All-in-One Sample Pack (PRE-ORDER)

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Discover the perfect snack for your furry friend with our All in One Sample Set. This set includes a variety of delicious dog treats, allowing you to try them all before committing to a large order. With this set, you can find your dog's new favorite treat without any risk.

Inside this box, you will get:

  • Shark Cartilage (10-20g)
  • Shark Knuckle (10-20g)
  • Green Lipped Mussel (10-20g)
  • Crocodile Jerky (10-20g)
  • Crocodile Chips (10-20g)
  • Pilchard (10-20g)
  • Beef Jerky (10-20g)
  • Beef Liver (10-20g)
  • Beef Puff (10-20g)
  • Lamb Liver (10-20g)
  • Chicken Jerky (10-20g)
  • Turkey Jerky (10-20g)
  • Sweet Potatoes (10-20g)
  • Pumpkin (10-20g)
  • Basa Fish (10-20g)
  • Kangaroo Jerky (10-20g)

* Snuffle snail is not included in sample pack.

These samples also available to purchase individually.

Individual sample can be purchase through each category.

Please refer to individual treat for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Treat Sample Box

Absolutely over the moon with the sample box! It is the PERFECT size for all furkids! Found it a bonus as a chihuahua owner that it’s probably gone further being broken into smaller pieces haha! My chi has enjoyed every sample thus far and we are super stoked to have found Treat Treat- we love supporting small business and even better when they’re local!!

Will highly recommend this product for everyone- from sampling if you’re new to the treat world or just to have small amounts of variety for every day!

Ideal if have a fussy eater

Great way to try all the treats without having to purchase big bags that may or may not be eaten by your favourite family member. Also an excellent way to find out which is the higher value treat that will get your best friend dancing with excitement and follow your every command. The little packets are perfect size for throwing in your treat pouch for walks or in a handbag for those moments where you need to get you dog to focus and listen

Cecherly Toh
A bit of everything

This sample box is great to tryout a range of their treats to see which one your pup likes. They are very generous with the amount of each treats you get in the little packs for your pup to try out. My pup loves them all!! We will be purchasing the full size packs of his favorite ones soon! :)

Thank you so much for your reviews! It means lot to us xx