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Slow Feeder - Bright Green

Slow Feeder - Bright Green

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The Bright Green Slow Feeder is designed to give your pup a more enjoyable dining experience. Its honeycomb pattern and two unique slow-feed partitions allow for a range of delicious food combinations and promote healthy eating. Plus, its whale-shaped ridge prevents choking and spilling. Feed your pup in style with the Bright Green Slow Feeder.

How to use: Simply spread your dog's or cat's favourite treats, peanut butter, wet food, or other pet-friendly spreads. That's it! Give it to your pet and they will love it!


1. Mental stimulation: They engage your pet's brain by presenting a challenge and requiring problem-solving skills to find the treats hidden within the mat.

2. Anxiety and stress relief: The process of licking and sniffing can be calming for pets, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

3. Slow feeding: Enrichment mats can be used to slow down fast eaters, preventing digestive issues and encouraging healthier eating habits.

4. Entertainment: They provide a fun and interactive activity for pets, especially when you need to keep them occupied for a while.

5. Dental health: The licking action can help clean your pet's tongue and teeth, promoting better oral hygiene.

Size: 19cm width x 4cm height

Dishwasher and Freezer Safe

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