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Kangaroo Jerky

Kangaroo Jerky

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Homemade Kangaroo jerky is high in proteins, source of vitamins and minerals making it perfect way to support up your pets health. Kangaroo meats contains high amount of Omega 3s, zinc, vitamins B and iron which is good for immune systems and sustain strong joints and bones. The meats are also low in fat which makes easy to digest.


  • 100% Natural Australian made - no additive or preservation
  • Single ingredient only
  • Source of proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Low in fat, easy to digest
  • Suitable for any types of dogs

Nutrition Information:

Energy per 100g: 325calories

Protein: 90%

Fat: 5%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love love love

One of Maza’s favourite! Would do any tricks for it!! Absooutely recommended !

Chuck Manning

Delta loves these! Super crunchy, delicious, dried to perfection, no nasty smell (like most dog treats) - these are worth every cent. High quality, nutritious snacks your dog will love and thank you for! Highly recommend! Also the team behind the treats are incredibly friendly and super helpful. Best treat company on the market!


Another best treats that doesn't smell the house! The jerky we get from the shop is so smelly but not this one at all. Nala loves loves loves these kangaroo jerky. Best quality!

Tayla P.

Best quality Roo jerky around! It's perfect to break into smaller pieces or spoil your dog and give them a full piece!

Kath G.

Pumpkin loves all the flavours. It’s so easy to snap in half or snap bits off great product

Pumpkin is soo adorable❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your reviews and excited to see Pumpkin loves our products🫶